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The Top 7 Cocktail Bars In Memphis

We all know that Memphis is famous for its decadent food, the barbecue here is legendary. So there’ll come a time when you need to quench your thirst. Thankfully, there are more than your fair share of cocktail bars here to wet your whistle, share the good times with friends, and taste the best drinks that Memphis has to offer.

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The Top 7 Cocktail Bars In Memphis

Visiting Memphis and looking to sink one, two, or a handful of cocktails? We’ve got you covered. These are the best cocktail bars that Memphis has to offer. There’s something for everyone’s tastes here so browse our list, see what matches your vibe, and grab a table. There are friendly, knowledgeable bar staff waiting to pour you delicious drinks at every establishment.





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No mere cocktail bar, BarWare prides itself on being a mixologist club that is home to some of the most experimental bartenders in the city. Alongside the bartenders, the chefs here will make sure that you’ll not go hungry and complement their small plates to match the seasonal drinks on offer. Had your fill of cocktails? The beer and wine lists aren’t to be missed either.



Bar DKDC or Don’t Know Don’t Care offers a far more friendly and welcoming service than you might expect with a name like that. Look down the menu and you’ll see that the list encompasses drinks from around the world, one moment you might be sipping an American classic, the next a heady Jamaican punch, before sampling European subtle flavors.


Bar Hustle

This is no dive bar, far from it. Bar Hustle resides in the classy hotel lobby of the esteemed Arrive Hotel. More than just cocktails, there’s freshly made pizza, an extensive beer menu, and a great wine list. Wanting to flex on social media? Grab yourself an aptly named “Instagram Cocktail”.


Absinthe Room

No prizes for guessing the specialty drink or choice at the Absinthe Room. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, this is absinthe served the traditional way. There’s no guarantee that you’ll see or feel compelled to follow the Green Fairy, but who knows, maybe she’ll visit and take you on the night of your lives. If not, don’t worry there are plenty of fun bar games to enjoy here such as skeeball, darts, and pool.


Belle Tavern

Looking to get the best bang for your buck? Belle Tavern’s happy hour is not to be missed. Incredible drinks at incredible prices. Even if you miss it, you won’t be disappointed to get a drink here. Come for dinner and grab a beautiful slice of steak, or come along later in the night for some of their perfectly paired bar snacks.


Green Beetle

Not just any bar, the Green Beetle is Memphis’ oldest tavern still serving today. It has come through many guises including a juke joint, a honky tonk, and a good ol’fashioned watering hole. It’s a family affair at the Green Beetle and while the cocktail menu isn’t the most extensive in the city, its welcome is warm and its vibes wholesome.


Tailor’s Union

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that you’ve accidentally stepped into the wrong establishment as you’re served drinks in what certainly looks like a functioning tailor. Don’t be deceived, the Tailor’s Union is a cocktail bar and a great one at that. The live jazz adds to the ambiance and, if you can see yourself coming back time and time again, you can grab a membership for exclusive events and discounts.


Key Takeaways

This is just the surface of the cocktail bars that Memphis has to offer, the list could go on and on, but these are some of the best that should certainly be on your list if you’re visiting of if you’re putting down roots in the city.

  • Why not make a night of it and try a few bars that are nearby to each other.
  • Don’t forget to make use of many of the bars incredibly talented chefs.



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