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10 Of The Best Tasmanian Whisky Brands

10 Of The Best Tasmanian Whisky Brands

Looking for a whisky that is unique and full of flavour? Look no further than Tasmanian whisky! This type of whisky is made in Tasmania, a small island off the coast of Australia. Tasmanian whiskies are known for their distinct flavours, which come from the region’s many natural ingredients. There are many different brands of Tasmanian whisky, each with its unique taste. This blog post will explore ten of the best Tasmanian whisky brands. We’ll give you a little information about each one, so you can decide which one is right for you!


What Makes Tasmanian Whisky Special?

Tasmanian whisky is prized for its unique flavour profile, shaped by the island’s climate and terrain. Tasmanian whiskies are typically lighter and brighter than other whiskies from around the world, with a distinctively fresh and floral character.

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10 Of The Best Tasmanian Whisky Brands




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Here are ten of the best Tasmanian whisky brands to try:


1. Sullivan’s Cove

Sullivans Cove is one of the best-known Tasmanian whisky brands, and for a good reason. The Tasmanian distillery is renowned for its exceptional single malt whiskies, which have been awarded some of the highest accolades in the industry. Plus, the distillery’s picturesque setting on the Tasmanian coast is simply gorgeous. If you want to try a Tasmanian whisky that’s sure to impress, go for Sullivans Cove.


2. Belgrove

Belgrove is another top Tasmanian whisky brand known for its sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The distillery uses wheat grown on its own farm to make its whiskies, and all of the barley used is malted on-site. Belgrove was founded in 2006 by Peter Bignell, and the first bottles of whisky were released in 2012.

The range of Belgrove whiskies includes a peated single malt, as well as a variety of cask strength and aged expressions. The Tasmanian whisky brand has won multiple awards, including a Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


3. Hellyers Road

Hellyers Road is one of the best-known Tasmanian whisky brands and was founded in 1999. The distillery is located in Burnie, on the north coast of Tasmania, and sources its water from the nearby Mount Arthur Reserve. Hellyers Road whiskies are characterized by their use of peated malt, which gives them a unique smoky flavour.


4. Nant

Nant is another Tasmanian whisky brand with a strong reputation and was founded in 2006. The distillery is located in the Tasmanian town of Bothwell and sources its water from the nearby Great Lake. Nant’s whisky is distilled in traditional pot stills and is aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

Nant has released several highly acclaimed Tasmanian whiskies, including the Nant Single Malt Tasmanian Whisky, which was awarded a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2014.


5. Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian whisky is some of the best in the world, and Tasmanian Devil is one of the best brands out there. Their whiskies are known for being big and bold, with many flavours. They make a great single malt whisky, as well as several other expressions. Plus, they’re one of the only Tasmanian whisky brands that are widely available outside of Australia.


6. Lark

Another Tasmanian whisky that has been gaining in popularity in recent years is Lark. Founded in 1992, Lark was one of the first Tasmanian whisky distilleries and is now one of the most well-known. Their whiskies are made using traditional methods and local ingredients, and they have a wide range of expressions available.

Lark’s core range includes their Tasmanian Single Malt, which is matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, as well as their Peated Tasmanian Single Malt, which is made with peat-smoked barley. They also offer a number of special releases and cask-strength bottlings.


7. Redlands Estate

Redlands Estate is a Tasmanian single malt whisky that is distilled in small batches using the traditional pot still method. The whisky is then matured in French oak barrels for a minimum of three years. This results in a smooth and well-rounded Tasmanian whisky with notes of honey, vanilla, and spice. If you’re looking for a Tasmanian whisky that is both unique and of high quality, then Redlands Estate is definitely worth checking out.


8. William McHenry and Sons

If you’re looking for a Tasmanian whisky that’s truly unique, look no further than William McHenry and Sons. This family-owned distillery is located in the picturesque Huon Valley, and they produce a range of small-batch whiskies using traditional pot stills.

The McHenry range includes single malt, peated and cask-strength expressions, all of which are worth trying. But if you can only buy one, we recommend the Tasmanian Single Malt – it’s a delicious example of what this part of the world can produce.


9. Overeem Distillery

Overeem Distillery is one of Tasmania’s most well-known whisky brands. The distillery is located in the Tasmanian town of Smithton and produces a range of single-malt whiskies. One of Overeem’s most famous whiskies is the Port Cask Single Malt, which is matured in port wine casks. The distillery also produces a range of other Tasmanian whiskies, including the Islay Cask Single Malt and the Tasmanian Spirit.


10. Spring Bay Distillery

Spring Bay Distillery is located in the Tasmanian town of Triabunna, on the shores of Spring Bay. The distillery was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Andrew and Fiona Cameron, who were passionate about Tasmanian whisky. The distillery uses local Tasmanian barley and spring water from the nearby bay and peat from the Tasmanian Highlands to create its unique whisky. Cameron’s Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2017 World Whisky Awards.


Bottom Line

These are just some of the most popular Tasmanian whisky brands that you should definitely try. Tasmanian whisky is known for its unique flavour and smoothness, so make sure to pick up a bottle or two the next time you’re in the area. You won’t regret it!



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