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9 Best Drinks To Enjoy on Your Next Girls’ Night

If you cannot remember that last time you took a night off from the demands of home and work, then now is the perfect time to plan a Girls’ Night with your favorite lady friends for an upcoming evening this week. Without a doubt, children and careers are amazing, but women need a break sometimes!

9 Best Drinks To Enjoy on Your Next Girls' Night

Grab your phone, send out your Facebook invites and start making a list. The next thing to do after gathering the girls is to decide what kind of drinks and snacks you are going to serve. Depending on everyone’s tastes, it can be a good idea to serve three or four options, or better yet, try BYOB. Consider these nine all-time favorites from other gals.

1. Strawberry Margarita

9 Best Drinks To Enjoy on Your Next Girls' Night




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Calling all tequila and fruit lovers! If you are your besties love the taste of fresh strawberries and you are also fans of the tequila’s bite, you cannot go wrong with an evening of strawberry margaritas. Try them frozen or on the rocks.

2. Sex on the Beach

9 Best Drinks To Enjoy on Your Next Girls' Night

For another fruity drink that will make your tastebuds dance is a delicious sex on the beach. Combining vodka with a tropical pallet of orange juice, cranberry juice, Peach Schnapps and lime,  this drink is a pleasant way to start your evening buzz.

3. Espresso Martini

9 Best Drinks To Enjoy on Your Next Girls' Night

Speaking of vodka, another tasty drink that you can try on Girls’ Night with a bottle of Absolut is an espresso martini. Especially ideal for coffee lovers who can appreciate the mixture of flavors, this drink offers an interesting twist to a classic adult beverage.

4. Sangria

9 Best Drinks To Enjoy on Your Next Girls' Night

If you are more of a wine drinker, then a sangria is one mixed drink that might be up your alley for a boozy girls’ night. A classic drink that combines wine, fruit and your choice of hard liquor, this a delicious cocktail that you can make as strong or light as you desire.

5. Mimosa

On the other hand, maybe you are more of a morning chick than a night owl. In this case, it may make more sense to host a Girl’s Boozy Brunch instead of making evening plans. For an excellent drink choice in the AM, consider mimosas. Lighter than a Bloody Mary, these offer a refreshing light buzz.

6. Screw Driver

9 Best Drinks To Enjoy on Your Next Girls' Night

For ladies who want to take things one step further than a mimosa, a better option can be a screwdriver. While many fans of this drink will say it is another breakfast drink, the truth is that you can consume it at whatever time. Grab the vodka and OJ to enjoy!

7. Red Velvet

For something a little different, a beer-champagne-espresso combination may be just the trick. Offering a caffeinated buzz that can still keep you grounded, this delightful drink is a great way to stay focused yet relaxed throughout the night. Do not forget to add it to your cocktail list!

8. Bloody Mary

Another traditional morning drink that you can enjoy at any time, a Bloody Mary is a solid classic for anyone who can relish in the mixture of tomato juice and vodka.  To really spice things up, consider adding in some spicy additions like A1 sauce, garlic, basil or horseradish. Yum!

9. Pink Torpedo

For more vodka fun that brings in a taste of wine, a lot of women choose to serve pink torpedos at their get-togethers with the girls. The thing that makes this drink unique is the use of sparkling wine. The bubbles give it a pleasant touch.
If you are in need of a break and want an excuse to catch up with girls, make time to plan a ladies’ night or brunch this week. When you do, make sure to bring this list of delicious drink options to enjoy.

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