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Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

We?ve all heard the phrase ?go big or go home? and this is especially true when it comes to moonshining. Distilleries are famous for their massive equipment and large price tags. However, like most homes, space is at a premium.?

So when you do choose to make your own spirits, moonshiners know the importance of quality products that can fit into their home-no matter how big or small.?

Space was not usually a consideration for those making moonshine. The history of moonshine is about as long as the history of the United States. However, moonshine was usually made outdoors. The biggest concern was getting caught creating, transporting or distributing the illicit spirits, not having enough room in your kitchen.?

Once again moonshining has seen a surge in popularity. Perhaps it is due to the Discovery Channel hit series Moonshiners, or the large array of moonshine recipes available online or via Pinterest. Either way making your own spirits is becoming a cool new way to show your creativity to family and friends.?




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Today?s stills are nothing like the old-fashioned equipment of the past. Today?s stills are easier to use, made of quality materials and most of all, compact. In fact, you can get an air still that is about the same size as your kitchen kettle!?


The Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill

Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

Speaking of kitchen kettles, let?s take a look at the Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill. At first glance, it is easy to mistake this appliance for a kettle due to its similar size and design. However, the output from this number is a little bit more fun than your afternoon cup of tea.?

Though she may be Little, she is Fierce

The Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill may be little, but she is fierce. This airstill is the perfect solution for those who are living in small spaces or want an attractive appliance they can keep on their counter. Taking up no more space than the kitchen kettle, this airstill can distill quality spirits in just two hours and produces enough alcohol each time to make a 1 L bottle at 38-40% ABV.

It?s compact nature does not hinder its quality at all. Instead, the same size of this airstill makes it simple to store or even gives you the option to leave it on the kitchen counter. It?s stainless steel body and glass carafe blend perfectly into the modern kitchen decor.?


The Perfect Still for Conserving Water

While most traditional stills use water to cool your wash, this airstill uses a fan to control the temperature. By using air rather than water as its cooling system this still is the perfect equipment for areas with water shortages or to use while camping or on your boat. This is also an ideal option for those who are living off the grid. You can still enjoy your favorite spirits without using water to distill.?

Unique Features for a Quality Product

The Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill uses an unique carbon filtration system to both absorb odors during distillation as well as keep your moonshine smooth with a pure taste. This unit is a great still for beginners who want to create quality spirits but are intimidated by the hoses and inputs and outputs with traditional stills. The Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill is as simple as filling, adding filters and pressing a button. It also has built in safety options such as a high temperature cut out, so even if you forget to turn off your airstill, you are still protected from overheating and dry boiling.?

Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

The Perfect Still for Beginners

This airstill also comes with many easy to follow recipes to make your first washes. These step by step instructions are perfect for first timers who want to create a no-fuss moonshine with simple ingredients. However, once the spirits are created there are many helpful suggestions to customize your moonshine with different flavorings. You can truly recreate some of your favorite flavored liquors at home with the easy step by step guide included with your airstill. Beginners will have all the information they need to create their first batch, rather than needing to then search the internet to figure out how to actually get started.?

When compared with a traditional still the Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill is much easier to both assemble and use. There are no clamps, hoses, or heating elements to worry about. Much of the intimidating elements have been removed for you to make this process as simple and fun as possible. Instead of worrying about temperatures and water hoses, you can ?set it and forget it? and look forward to your quality spirits.?

Many may falsely believe that your mash needs to be distilled quickly after fermentation or it will spoil. However, this is simply not true. With the Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill you can simply distill your mash as needed. This airstill only takes two hours to produce quality spirits. Add a little fermented mash in the afternoon and you can have quality spirits by happy hour!?


An Affordable Option

Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

Moonshining is a fun hobby that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. However, its roots lie firmly in both conserving resources and saving money. Early American pioneers, especially those in grain-producing states such as Pennsylvania, would distill their excess grain rather than allow it to spoil. At one point whiskey was able to be used as currency. However, this bartering system was soon put to bed by an imposed whiskey tax and subsequent rebellion. If you have seen Hamilton, you can blame Alexander Hamilton for this one.?

What we have learned from the history of moonshining, is that many have started making their own spirits to save money, reuse the excess materials they have on hand, or both. When it comes to getting into a new hobby, especially one that is designed to make your lifestyle cheaper, most want a lower cost buy-in.?

The Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill is an affordable way to take the plunge to make your own moonshine. At less than $150 this airstill will quickly pay for itself in savings from the high liquor store prices.?


More than Just Moonshine

Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

Just like any many other stills on the market, the Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill is not limited to making moonshine. While it may be the most fun output from this machine, it is certainly not the only option. This is a great still for spirits, but even those who have no intention of making their own moonshine would get great use of this machine.?


Distilled Water made at Home

There has been a rise in popularity for distilled water, especially within health conscious communities, as well as areas where the water quality is poor. The Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill? is able to easily make distilled water.?

Distilled water is water where the impurities and minerals have been removed through the distillation process. With the Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill, this process is almost as simple as using a kettle, however the end result is very different.?

In many areas in the world the water that comes out of the tap is not always the safest to drink. By using this airstill to distill the water it can become much safer for consumption. Many other health conscious people choose to drink distilled water and prefer to get their minerals, such as calcium, through their diet rather than their water.?


Distilled water is also often used in certain medical equipment, for watering plants or to fill aquariums. Many homemade wellness product recipes also call for distilled water. This is especially important for those living off the grid.?


Make your own Essential Oils

Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

As the craft of moonshining has grown in popularity, so is the application of essential oils. Whether the oils are being used to help with a health issue or make a room smell delicious, there is one thing they all have in common-they are expensive.?

However, the Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill is easily able to convert raw plant matter into essential oils. One of the best things about many of the types of plants used for essential oils is their ability to grow and spread quickly. Depending on the climate you live in, you can easily plant many of these plants with medicinal qualities and harvest them for your own essential oils to use and share with friends and family.?

Using your own plants to make essential oils is a simple process with this airstill. Simply adding the plant material along with some water into your still and allow the airstill to easily create an infused water output. This water alone can be used for many applications, especially if you are making something like rose water, which has many benefits for the skin when applied.?

Of course, you can also take it one step further which is waiting for the essential oil to separate from the water and then bottle it.?

Is there anything purer than gathering plants from your garden and turning them into your favorite essential oil? Again at under $150 for this airstill, this unit will quickly pay for itself.?


Pros: Compact size, easy to use, great for beginners, does not use water

Cons: smaller output so large batches of mash will have to be done in parts


Moonshine is not a one-step Process

Making moonshine is a fun way to create spirits at home, however distillation is the final step of the moonshine process. Simply purchasing a distiller is not everything you need to create your own spirits. There are also other specialty materials that need to be purchased in order to make your mash and ferment it.?

Purchasing a small distiller is a great way to save space, but if you still need to purchase a large amount of additional equipment are you really saving that much space or even that much money??

Appalachian Complete Stove Top Moonshine Still Kit

Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

Enter the Appalachian Complete Stove Top Moonshine Still Kit. This all-in-one kit has everything you need to create moonshine from cooking your mash, fermenting and distilling. While a small distiller is a great way to save space, a small all-in-one kit saves both space and money. At just $149 it is comparable in price to the Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill, yet unlike the Mist 1 Gallon Mini Airstill, it comes with everything you need (minus the ingredients) to make moonshine.?

The Appalachian Complete Stove Top Moonshine Still Kit combines a 10L large stainless steel boiling pot that can be utilized for cooking your mash, fermenting your mash and distilling your mash. This means that instead of potentially buying a large pot, fermenting bucket and still you are purchasing one item that can perform all three functions. This is a great way to save both time and space. By having this all-in-one function you can take your moonshining right into the kitchen, since it is so compact and cleverly designed.?


Everything a Beginner Needs to Get Started Making Moonshine

This design is a great way for beginners to learn the steps of how to make moonshine with simplified equipment. By purchasing this kit you have everything you need to not only get started, but actually complete all of the steps of the process.?

The included 10L stainless steel boiling pot does double duty as a fermentation pot. It has a built-in clamp system to create a tight seal on your fermentation pot as well as an included airlock. By having these accessories included in the package, beginners are able to easily get started making their first batch of moonshine without having to first make a bunch of additional purchases.


Less Intimidating Distillation

When it comes to distillation, this kit is a great option for those who are just getting started. Of all the steps to creating moonshine, distillation is arguably the most intimidating. You have to worry about temperature, your water hoses, and fractioning your run. By using this all in one kit, this intimidating step is not the first time you are interacting with your still. You have used part of your still for every step of the process. By now it is an old friend-an old friend that is going to help you make quality moonshine.?


How much Moonshine Can it Make??

This reflux still has a 10L capacity. Generally with a 10L capacity still:


  • 1 gallon run will yield 3-6 cups of alcohol
  • 5 gallon run will yield 1-2 gallons of alcohol
  • 8 gallon run will yield 1.5-3 gallons of alcohol
  • 10 gallon run will yield 2-4 gallons of alcohol


Great Components for Great Results

Discover The Best Small Moonshine Stills For The Modern Spirit Creator

The features of this kit are complimented by quality parts. The quality components in this kit help its users to create great results. The Appalachian Complete Stove Top Moonshine Still Kit is a reflux still which features a copper cooler within a Thumper Keg. For those newer to moonshining a reflux still is different from a pot still in that it runs through a copper coil before being cooled in the condenser.?

This model also has a water hose to allow you to use your kitchen tap for water rather than a water pump and 2.2 meter silicone hoses for water input and output. It also has three taps to control the flow of water, and two stainless steel stands for cooling.


More than Just Moonshine

This all-in-one kit is more than just moonshine, you can also easily create distilled water and essential oils. In fact, creating distilled water is a great way for beginners to get familiar with the distillation process and get some distilled water which is perfect for their first batch of moonshine. Distilled water is water that has had impurities as well as minerals removed. Many health conscious people prefer their water this way, others in areas with poor water quality have to do this step as a matter of necessity.?


In addition to water distillation, the Appalachian Complete Stove Top Moonshine Still Kit can also make essential oils. With its large 10L stainless steel boiling pot, it can hold a large amount of plant matter to easily make a large amount of either plant infused water (one example is rose water) or wait and separate the essential oil from the water. This is a great DIY way to make essential oils for use around the home or share with your friends and family.?


Pros: Everything you need to included in the kit, quality components

Cons: Uses water to cool, designed for stove top use so cannot use a heating element.?


Which is the Best Small Still for you?

While both of these stills are great options, there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing which still is best for your personal use.?

While both of these units are small in stature, only one includes everything you need to make moonshine, the other requires additional purchases to cook and ferment your mash. However, that unit is something that can distill small batches without water in about two hours and is arguably much easier to use for a beginner.?

No matter which model you choose for your ?shinin? you cannot go wrong with these high quality, compact units for home distilling. There is no easier or more compact way to make high quality spirits from the comforts of home.?



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