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Easy Quarantine Desserts You Can Make On Your Own



Do you find yourself craving for some comfort food as the quarantine stretches? Science says that emotionally challenging times kick off a sweet craving and indulging it can actually put us in a good mood.

You deserve desserts

There is no better pick me up than some dessert. On the other hand, you don?t want to spend half your workday on whipping up sweet something. Let us point you towards some easy quarantine desserts you can make on your own:





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1. Jazzed up Doughnuts

Take out those store-bought doughnuts and halve them. The second step is to take out a pan and toss some slices of lady pink apples and walnuts in butter and golden syrup. Transfer the golden mixture onto your doughnut halves and put the other halves on top. Add a scoop of ice-cream and drizzle some golden syrup. It?s time to take a bite!


2. Crackling Butter Cups

Grab a bottle of Marshmallow Fluff and generously coat some puffed rice in it. Next, place Reese?s Peanut Butter Cups on a greased patty pan, and top them with two spoons of the marshmallow coated mixture. Cover this in melted chocolate and refrigerate. Once set, you are ready to crackle!


3. Nerdy Popcorns

Pop your popcorn and remove the kernels that didn?t play along. Open a packet of Rainbow Nerds and divide them in two parts. Crush one part and stir them into a bowl of melted white chocolate. Now, coat your popcorns in this mixture and sprinkle the whole Nerds on top once done. Get ready to crunch on flavour bursts of tangy, crunchy candies!


4. Choco-gummy Cookies

So, you?ve aced baking cookies in the last quarantine spell, what now? Simple, upgrade them with some classic gummy bears in different fruity flavours. Start with melting down a Hershey?s milk chocolate bar and add some sea salt flakes to it. Now, dip the gummy bears and freeze them. Once your cookies are just about done press in a few of the gummy bears on each mound and let them cool. Surprise your friends with a range of tastes in just one cookie!


5. Pop Tart Cheesecake

It?s time for cheese, finally. To start with, crush your favourite flavour of Pop Tarts in a food processor or using a re-sealable bag and rolling pin. Add cream cheese to the crushed Pop-Tarts and stir until combined. Roll the mixture into balls, dip in melted white or dark chocolate and line them in a tray. Refrigerate for about 15 minutes. Pop a tarty cheesecake at whim!


Sweetness binds us all

Desserts elevate our mood and relieve stress. They transcend nations and frankly we shouldn?t be barred from a sweet treat just by borders. Try these recipes using iconic American snacks that are now available in Australia to drive out those quarantine blues.

If you feel like life is bogging you down, whip up a dessert to get you through the day. Just open a few packets, follow the steps, and enjoy!



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