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Student’s Breakfast



Irregular working hours, walking from the library to the academic buildings and back, attending classes, and endless snacks ? all these are components of fun student life. Keeping in mind that there will probably be no lunch at all, and dinner is already over the horizon at the end of the day, the student's attention should be focused on breakfast. It is the morning meal that will help not just "hold you on" until the end of the studying day, but to charge the body and brain with the necessary energy as much as possible. Breakfast is important for studying, as well as EssaysWritingHelp.   

It is obvious that with the busy rhythm of a student's life, breakfast should be sufficiently high in calories and balanced, that is, it should contain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the right proportions: 30%, 20%, and 50%, respectively. Students need to balance their mental and physical activities throughout the day to get enough food in the morning. And remember that the sausage rolls from the buffet have not yet made anyone healthy and strong.

Omelet sandwich

The standard recipe for a student's breakfast is considered to be a healthy and balanced meal.




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It is done quickly and simply: take two slices of rye bread, smear the butter, and, while it soaks the crumb, proceeds to the preparation of scrambled eggs. At your choice, it can be eggs, whisked with milk, or just a chatterbox.

After the eggs are ready add them to the bread.

Omelet Sandwich - a simple breakfast for a student

Such a breakfast will certainly give you energy. In addition, as a protein source, you can use tofu or hummus, which will make the dish plant-based.


Chocolate cupcake in the microwave

From the mentioned quantities, you will get 2 servings. One can be left for dinner or put the dough aside until the next day. Nothing will happen to it in the refrigerator for a day.



Flour - 4 tbsp.

Egg ? 1 pc.

Milk ? 5 tbsp.

Cocoa ? 2 tbsp

Sugar ? 4 tbsp Refined

Butter ? 3 tbsp

Baking powder -- ? tbsp

Vanilla ? on the tip of a knife

Chocolate cupcake in the microwave ? sweet student breakfast


If you want to eat the cake, not with a spoon from the cups, but take it out after cooking, lubricate the sides with oil, if this is not important, just pour the mixture in a mug. In the process of cooking, the cake will rise significantly, so we fill the cup only in half.

Of course, you can take silicone cupcake molds!

Then we mix the dry ingredients: baking powder, flour, and cocoa so that the dough has a consistency resembling thin sour cream.

Whisk the egg with a fork with sugar until smooth. Pour in the milk and butter.

We send them to the microwave and cook at maximum power from 3 to 5 minutes. When the time expires, do not open the oven immediately, let it stand for another 1 minute.

Then take out the finished cake or two at once!

Decorate with chocolate, syrup, or cream. Eat cupcakes hot or cold, as you like.


Oatmeal and nut smoothie

A student's breakfast can be prepared even faster. The speed record is broken by an oatmeal-nut smoothie.

To prepare this drink, which is its energy and nutritional value is not inferior to a full-fledged breakfast dish, we will need:

250 ml of natural yogurt or milk 2.5 % fat content;


? cup oatmeal;

1 tsp sugar (optional).

We put everything in the bowl of a blender and whisk it properly. Blend till smooth. Done!

Add any ingredients and experiment as you like. Go well with yogurt nectarines and fresh or frozen berries, add cocoa or coffee to the milk. It's good to put nuts in there ? this will make the smoothie even more nutritious. 

As you can see, preparing a student's breakfast is an extremely creative and exciting process, during which there is time to think about how many proteins and carbohydrates will actually be on your plate, and just enjoy the flight of imagination!



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