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cutting vegetables knife

Top 19 Cooking Life Hacks For Students

cutting vegetables knife

cutting vegetables knife

Professional chefs spend at most half an hour on the same recipe, and a beginner in the kitchen tries to do something similar and spends hours. The fact is that professionals know a lot of useful techniques that facilitate and speed up the cooking process. These tips are especially useful for students who are always short on time. As a student, I preferred to spend less time in the kitchen and pay someone to write my paper.

1. To make the ice transparent, freeze boiled water

The ice served in restaurants is usually crystal clear and transparent. And the cubes from your refrigerator turn out cloudy and white. But this can be fixed: first boil the water, only then pour it into the mold.





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2. A large number of eggs can be cooked in the oven

In a preheated oven to 160 degrees, they will cook for 15-30 minutes.


3. Press on the lemon and roll it a little on the surface of the table 

This way it will be much easier to squeeze out the lemon juice.


4. Put a few frozen grapes in a glass of wine

The drink will become cold without dillution.


5. With a spoon, you can peel ginger in a couple of minutes

Ginger has a rather bizarre shape, so it is not very convenient to clean it with a knife: a lot of excesses are cut off. An ordinary tablespoon will cope with this task better.


6. When grilling the fish, put a few slices of lemon under it

Any fish will taste better if you cook it with lemon.


7. Bake the bacon in the oven

The bacon from the cafe is always evenly fried: it is not raw at the ends, not crumbly in the middle, not hard, and not overcooked. Most people fry bacon in a frying pan at home, and restaurant staff simply puts it in the oven.


8. You can cut several cherry tomatoes at once using two lids or plates 

You need two plates of the same diameter or plastic lids. Put the tomatoes on one part, and cover the second part on top. Holding the top plate, cut through all the tomatoes at once with a knife.


9. To keep the cookies soft and fresh longer, store them with an apple slice

There is nothing more pleasant than soft crumbly homemade cookies straight from the oven. But after a couple of days, they become like crackers. To keep the cookies soft for several days, store them in a container with an apple slice.


10. To keep the guacamole fresh longer, add a little water 

Upon contact with oxygen, guacamole quickly loses its flavor, and the bright green color turns brown. To avoid this, transfer the remaining guacamole from the plate to an airtight container and pour a small amount of water on top. In this case, the water will act as a protective barrier. When you want to have it as a snack, just drain the water.


11. Lunch on the campfire can be cooked in foil

If you are an avid tourist, you probably know this trick: you can replace any pot and frying pan with a piece of foil and cook food in it. Just add all the ingredients in foil, wrap them carefully and send them to the fire. What's most beautiful, after a delicious dinner, you don't even have to wash the dishes.


12. You can soften the butter with a glass 

Often before cooking, we forget to take the butter out of the refrigerator. To correct this mistake is very simple: take a glass, hold it for a few seconds in the microwave or under hot running water, and then cover a piece of butter with this glass. Under warm glass, it will quickly soften.


13. A quick way to peel an orange 

Put the orange on a cutting board, cut the peel from the top and bottom. Then make a perpendicular incision on the side. You only need to tear it off in different directions, and you will get a strip of lobules.


14. Take out the pieces of shell that have fallen into the egg with wet hands

A problem that occurs almost every day: you break an egg into a frying pan and notice a couple of small pieces of shell there. To pull them out, you need to wet your fingers with water, and the shell will instantly stick to them.


15. You can peel corn using a cupcake baking dish 

As a rule, cupcake baking pans are round and with a hole in the center. The heavy dough must be well baked inside. But you can also use it for cleaning corn. Insert the corn cob into this hole and remove all the grains with a knife. They will fall into the container and will not fly all over the kitchen.


16. To keep cane sugar soft, store it with bread or marshmallows

During storage, cane sugar often hardens. To avoid this put a piece of bread or marshmallows in a container with sugar.

If the sugar has already hardened, there is an easy way to soften it: pour the sugar into the mold, cover with a damp towel for a few minutes. And then send it to the microwave for 30 seconds � the sugar will become soft and crumbly again.


17. To cut a pie, use dental floss 

There is an alternative way to carefully cut a cake or pie without a knife: take dental floss and divide the cake into parts. This lifehack works not only for sweet pastries like cakes but also for soft cheeses.


18. You can squeeze out lemon juice with tongs 

If you need to squeeze out a large amount of lemon juice, but do not have a juicer, it does not matter. It can be replaced with ordinary kitchen tongs.


19. Simple ways to improve the taste of bad wine

Imagine a situation: you bought a bottle of wine in a store, and it turned out to taste worse than ever. It's a pity to pour it out, of course, but I don't want to drink through the force either. There is a way out � you can try to improve its taste at least a little.

First, you can make sangria: add pieces of fruits, berries, spices to the wine and cool it. The taste will become much better. For cold winter evenings, there is a worthy alternative � to cook mulled wine.

Secondly, you can eat some mushrooms. For unknown reasons, after mushrooms, the taste of wine begins to seem much more pleasant.

The wine that gives off a sulfuric smell or taste can be made better by throwing a copper coin into a glass. If the smell appears because there are sulfur compounds in the wine, copper will instantly neutralize them, and the smell will disappear.



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