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Chiropractic Table For Back Pain

Using a Chiropractic Table For Back Pain

Using a Chiropractic Table For Back Pain

As the term suggests, a chiropractic table is an ergonomic arrangement that can provide an optimal treatment for the body. Most often, but not necessarily, you will begin at the top of the table in a reclining position on a bed of soft, spongy material. Your chiropractor will then do a series of physical tests that tell him/her how your vertebrae are moving.

everything appears to be in place

During the adjustment, your chiropractor’s hands will go over various parts of your body-back, neck, shoulder, hips, etc. The physician’s main goal is to loosen the soft tissue and joints that have become spongy or loose. They can also apply traction to areas that are stiff and rigid. While these adjustments are going on, your chiropractor will usually take your blood pressure, listen to your breathing, and make sure your head is still and properly held.

Once all the adjustments have been made and everything appears to be in place, your chiropractor may proceed to help with other ailments associated with your back or spine. Your chiropractor may ask questions about your medical history, your family medical history, and even any problems you have had with your posture. This is important to help him/her determine whether a more extensive evaluation of your spine and spinal column is necessary.

If you feel that chiropractors are uncomfortable during your initial visit, it is okay. The purpose of this initial examination is to get an idea of what sort of adjustments are needed for your particular problem.




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contact your chiropractor

After your initial examination, you should schedule regular appointments for adjustments. If you need more than one, make sure you contact your chiropractor and set up a time for an appointment. In most states, chiropractors must be licensed and insured, which is why it is so important to make sure that the person who sees you is licensed and insured.

When your chiropractor makes adjustments, they will usually wear gloves and a mask to provide protection from the elements. During these adjustments, the chiropractor will often put ice on certain points of your spine while working on other points. He may use small tools and/staffs to manipulate certain points or areas.

Your chiropractor may also place tubes down into your spine to treat herniated nerves. This allows the muscles and discs to relax and loosen as he/she works to restore movement to your spine.

A good chiropractor

Your chiropractor should never force you to lie on the table nor should he/she ever give you instructions that you must do so. Your spine is the one that needs to be in control during a chiropractic table?adjustment. A good chiropractor will respect your right to stay on your back or spine.

As with any type of medical procedure, when the chiropractor begins treating your spine, there are risks and complications. Some of these complications may be dangerous or may involve injury or death.

Make sure that you talk with your chiropractor about any medications or drugs that you are taking before you begin any chiropractic adjustments. Many medications or drugs that act against muscle spasms can affect the adjustments that the chiropractor makes. Always discuss any medications that you are taking with your chiropractor and make sure that they are safe for this type of work.

Some chiropractors prefer to work on your entire body, rather than just your back or spine. Others prefer to work on just certain areas of the body, such as the arms and legs, hips, or the spine. You will probably want to discuss this with your chiropractor before you start treatment.

Spinal manipulation has helped thousands of people get relief from pain and improve their quality of life. Many people use this treatment to reduce pain and improve overall health. Your chiropractor should be able to help you find the best way for you to achieve this end. If you experience pain that does not seem to go away after your initial chiropractic exam, see your doctor immediately.


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