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Healthier No Bake Samoas Cookie Bars

You’re only seven ingredients away from making these No Bake Samoas Cookie Bars! Inspired by the BEST (at least in my opinion) Girl Scout cookie these bars are easy to make with a healthy twist. No rolling, cutting or baking required – simply press everything into one pan, chill, slice then dive-in! | Gluten Free

Keto Cheese Omelet For Breakfast

keto cheese omelet This keto cheese omelet is a fantastic add-on, especially for those who want to lose weight in a matter of days. Healthy, cheesy, and delicious, this omelet is a complete morning meal and combines powerful herbs, vegetables, and even meat for an active start. Nowadays, the weight loss journey is incomplete without a

Instant Pot Chickpea Curry (Freezer; Vegan)

This Instant Pot vegan chickpea curry cooks chickpeas, carrots, potatoes and green beans in a fragrant Indian curry sauce. Made with vegan ingredients, the Instant Pot makes it hands off and simple to prepare. When it comes to convenient Instant Pot meals, I look for ones without a sauté step. Instant Pot Moroccan lentils and

Instant Pot Pulled Pork (tangy + smoky!)

This healthier Instant Pot pulled pork recipe is cooked up in a sweet, tangy, spicy and smoky sauce made without packaged ingredients. The pressure cooker cooks it quickly to fall-apart-tender and juicy perfection! Pulled pork is easy to prepare, but can take a long time; crock pot pulled pork and slow cooker maple pulled pork

Teriyaki Tofu (sticky + tangy)

Sweet, tangy, and full of umami, this teriyaki tofu is a delicious vegan weeknight dinner option! Seared until golden, then smothered in an irresistibly sticky sauce, this tofu is hard to beat. Tofu is a great protein option for meatless meals, and I find it hard to resist when smothered in a delicious sauce; peanut